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Global Linkages: A Graphic Look at the Changing Arctic (rev.1)

11 Mar 2019

Please note that the Climate Change section of the Global Linkages report was amended. This is because several scientists, including members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, alerted us that not all of the statements were fully in line with its latest assessment. The press release was also therefore amended. Notably, the reference to the Arctic temperature rise being locked-in even if the Paris Agreement ‘goals’ were met was rectified to read ‘existing Paris Agreement commitments’. The references to a potential increase of 4-5°C by 2100 even if we stopped emissions overnight, was removed, as it was not in line with the IPCC emission scenarios. We also specified that ‘Arctic temperatures’ refers to temperatures over the Arctic Ocean. Please use this revised version as reference.

The Arctic region is being affected by multiple pressures and drivers of change both from within and outside the region, disturbing ecosystems, climate and human society. The consequences have knock-on effects at local, regional and global levels. The pace and extent of these changes mean that the Arctic will be a very different place in the decades to come, presenting a major adaptation challenge for people in the Arctic and beyond.

Global linkages – a graphic look at the changing Arctic, comprise of a set of maps and graphics, accompanied by short narratives. Thirteen years after the publication of the Vital Arctic Graphics, this new and current publication visualizes some of the most prominent changes in the region and how they are linked to the rest of the world.

The publication focuses on issues that call for common solutions - climate change, biodiversity conservation and pollution prevention. It is built on Arctic and global environmental assessments and reflect the dynamic connection between the Arctic and the rest of the planet. The publication presents both trends and outlooks, and provide actionable recommendations focused on policy development and solutions.

The issues covered by the publication reflect the themes of the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic Environment Ministers' meeting: climate change, biodiversity conservation and pollution prevention.

Status: Completed

Type: Vital Graphics Series

Author: Tina Schoolmeester, Hanna Lønning Gjerdi, John Crump, Björn Alfthan, Joan Fabres, Kathrine Johnsen, Laura Puikkonen, Tiina Kurvits, Elaine Baker

Year of publication: 2019

Publisher: UN Environment and GRID-Arendal

Place of publication: Nairobi and Arendal

Tags: biodiversity climate change conservation cryosphere environment and health graphics permafrost waste and material resources Arctic

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