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A Hot Bay

08 Sep 2023

How did industrial pollution transform Abu Qir Bay into an economic weakness point?

Abu Qir Bay in Alexandria, Egypt, is grappling with a dire environmental crisis. Despite its potential for tourism and economic development, the bay faces severe pollution issues from nearby factories and companies. These entities release industrial waste into the sea and emit pollutants into the air, violating Egypt's Environmental Law. As a result, residents of Abu Qir Bay, including children, suffer from chronic respiratory diseases and other health ailments due to air and sea pollution. Even young children inherit respiratory devices to cope with the pervasive chest allergies caused by pollution. Schools are often located near pollution sources, exacerbating the health risks faced by the community.

Scientific studies have shown that Abu Qir Bay is among the most polluted areas along the Mediterranean coast in Egypt, with high levels of toxic heavy metals like cadmium and mercury. These pollutants not only threaten the health of residents but also harm marine life and ecosystems within the bay. Despite some government efforts to address the issue, significant challenges remain in enforcing environmental regulations and holding companies accountable for their contributions to the pollution crisis. The residents of Abu Qir villages continue to endure the consequences of industrial pollution, with concerns about the long-term impact on their health and way of life.

About the author

With a prolific career spanning more than eight dynamic years, Menna Abdelrazek assumes her role as an Investigative and Data Journalist at CNN Business Arabic. Hailing from Egypt, her journey is a testament to dedication, innovation, and an unwavering pursuit of truth.

Menna's expertise flourishes within the intricate realm of multimedia narratives and data-driven investigations. Navigating through the complex landscapes of political dynamics, championing human rights, and delving deep into the economic intricacies of the MENA region. Her mastery over data transcends mere figures, breathing life into hidden stories through adept scraping, cleansing, analysis, and artful visualization. Additionally, her flair for video production and creative writing amplifies her capabilities, crafting narratives that captivate and resonate.

Menna's dedication has been recognized with the esteemed Excellence Award from the Egyptian Syndicate for Journalists, a testimony to her commitment to journalistic integrity and excellence. An Egyptian investigative and data reporter, Menna Abdelrazek stands at the crossroads of innovation and truth, weaving narratives that inform, engage, and empower. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of journalism, underscored by an unyielding dedication to unearthing stories that matter.

Status: Completed

Type: Investigative Journalism Grants

Author: Menna Abdelrazek

Year of publication: 2023

Publisher: CNN Business Arabic

Tags: Investigative Environmental Journalism

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